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    bodybuilding/powerlifting meet nutrition

    my diet is similar to a bodybuilder bulking. 6 meals a day, 50 grams protein at each meal and 80 grams carbs, around 5000 calories. eating every 3 hours. im doing a powerlifting meet so for a few days before ill be carb loading and taking time out of training. on meet day ill be consuming mostly simple carbs along with small amounts of complex, my question is do i need to consume any protein? obviuoulsy as a bodybuilder you need to keep anabolic . but as a powerlifter is there any purpose in having protein on meet day?

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    For those numbers to be correct you would need nearly 200 grams of fat a day to be at 5000 calories. Are you sure your food intake is where you say it is?? 300g protein and 480g of carbs is only 3120 calories.

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