My stats are 51yrs,242 lbs,24%bf training 4day a week looking to cut the fat and get in shape ,looking for good diet advice ,struggle to lose wieght low cal or high cal help please .. i am a tip endomorph
this is the diet i will run what do you think ?? any change's


Well what you think looking to cut stats 51yrs,242lbs,24% bf

8.00porridge, whey protien,udo oil 504 cal,21f,35carbs,43,pro

10.30 tin tuna, mayo,,tea 137 cl 4f 3c ,22p

12.30 chicken breast,cup b rice,cup green veg ,600cls,17f,45c,63p

2.30 plain yogurt,grapes, 77cal,2,10c 6 p

train 6.00 pm pwo protien drink plus dextro 50g 306 cal,3f,32c,37p

7.00 chicken,potato,mixed veg,udo oil 667cal,20f ,62c ,60p

9.00,protien drink cal 202,3f,4c,37p

totals cals 2500, 70g f , 194g carbs, 268g pro

25% fats, 30% carbs, 44% pro

is this OK looking to cut now