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    Please Help newbie diet

    Why is the bodyfat not dropping off like butter. I am on Lipo 6 plus carnitine,fish oil,green tea,yohimbe,clenbuterol ,bcaa, and my diet is flawless.
    Normal Day
    6am eas rtd shake
    8:30 am 6egg whites with cheese 2-3 pieces of whole wheat toast
    10:30 gronola bar and celsius drink
    1 pm Either chicken, salmon, or turkey burgers with green beans,or broccoli or asparagus and if i feel weak at the gym i will eat a sweet potatoe
    4 pm either a chicken breast or turkey burger with green beans
    6:30 pm gronola bar pre-workout
    Gym from 7-9pm
    Cardio after weights for usually 25 min
    9:30 Isopure protein shanke mixed with water and Halo
    That is my 7 day a week diet and i do weights and cardio 5 days a week.
    Current weight is 235lbs and i am 6'3 with prox 16.5% bf please critique

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    You do weights for 2 hours straight? That's too long you need to keep it intense and 25 min of cardio is not enough, maybe split your weight and cardio sessions up so you can do more cardio. Low intensity cardio for 45 min to an hour is optimal for fat loss.

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    well... have you tried cutting out like 75% of your current bread consumption?
    my house mate owns a brumbies shop and shes terrible at gym so shes always tempting me with cakes and sausage rolls and bread..

    i stopped eating all brumbies food and i dropped 10kgs with some thermos and mild cardio and a diet change.

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    i could not possibly take in less carbs i am around 50 to max 150 grams of carbs a day and the only carbs i eat are whole grain. And usually the weight session is 1 to 1.5 hrs long with cardio right after that. Any more suggestions is greatly appreceiated. And one more thing i have been on GH for about 4 months now when will it kick in and i am taking 4iu per day and i just started IGF 1 on tuesday night.

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