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Thread: meatless diet

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    meatless diet

    i want to preface this thread by stating that im farrr from a bodybuilder so my diet isnt geared towards one end of the spectrum (cutting or gaining)...i really value the facts on this board so im just curious about health in general...thanks in advance for reading

    considering how animals are raised with specific hormones in their feed to gain weight rapidly for human consumption, do you think there is any correlation between disease and meat diets?! we have all read about slaughter houses and yada yada (believe me im not an animal rights geru or a meat and potatoes kinda guy my entire life) but it makes sense that chickens and cows and pigs are given "gear" haha to beef up so they can fetch more money at the curious how u think animals diets trickle down into human health...

    my uncle was just recently diagnosed with cancer a wk ago...young guy...59...hes bumd out and wants to start planning his funeral...ive been researching alot and came across articles that relate meat consumption to a shittload of conditions including cancer and heart disease and the authors argue alot has to do with the hormones the animals are feed with from day one til they get killed?!? im def not promoting vegetarians or shit like that im just curious what you guys think? do you think meet is a necessity in ur diet? i kno guys who just eat fruits and veggis and some fish and they feel cleaner and the have more brother just started doin this and he lost a shit load of weight, looks tight, and rippd up...

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    Fish is an excellent source of protein but then again I hear a lot about mercury. Who knows...all I know is without my beef I wouldnt put the size on like I have. Who knows, maybe the size that I have gotten has come from the hormones in the beef. Scary shit if you ask me.

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