hey this is my diet at the current time for bulking, ill be starting my first cycle in a short while, i no i need alterations but from half 6am to 5 im at work and straight to the gym till about half 6 to 7 and i try sleep for 11 to get a good almost 7 hours heres the diet

wake up
cup and a half of oats in skimmed milk
w/ 1 scoop mixed peptides of protein in water

2 large wholemeal buns w/tuna

2 large wholemeal buns w/tuna

2 large wholemeal buns w/tuna

about a cup and a half of wholemeal rice and low fat chicken curry

gym pw/ shake

4 scoops of cytogainer and about 3 slices of white bread

3 large baked potatoes , 1 tin of baked beans and 2 large steaks and vegies

before bed
1 or 2 scoops peptide protein powder mixed in 1 pint of skimmed milk

i usually have a few pieces of fruit n more veggies throughout the day ive got a fast metabolism and with my work hours cant really cook food can only eat pre prepared food wondered if anybody had any ideas on altering it with my hectic schedule?