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    The Physiology Of Fat Loss!

    I think it is an incredibly insightful and interesting read. Pretty long though and not exactly simple to understand all of it but you can learn a lot about what the body does exactly when it comes to fat loss and everything involved. Great read for any one wanting to understand fat loss in great detail!

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    Pretty good read, and really heavy on the Physiology which I like....LOL

    My only comment is that when he talks about brown adipose tissue most of the metabolic activity is when a person is an infant. By the time a person reaches adulthood BAT has virtually no metabolic activity. There are recent studies that show that its more active than previously thought but, when we talk about significance in fat loss and calorie burning its not much at all. Often times BAT will start to display properties of White adipose tissue (normal fat stores) it is thought that BAT is much like the thymus gland has a self timing mechanism and will regress and as and infant gets older. I have in fact never seen BAT in an adult cadaver, in infants it is very easy to see, which I have only seen in tissue culture not as a cadaver.

    I would say though all and all it was an awesome read that took some time to write, thanks for sharing that.

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