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    Question keto question

    ive been on the keto diet for a week and have had impressive results but wanna make sure im doing it right, im taking six meals with 16g fat 0 carbs(unless post workout which is with shake and waxy carbs) and 45 g protein, is this good or should the fats be more, want to lower to 13 in 3 weeks then 10g two weeks after and so on, i do 45 min cardio every morning at 140 heart rate then have shake with waxy carbs and same at night after lifting. every sunday i eat carbs with first 4 meals to reload and then go back onto diet how many carbs shouls be in each of those meals? its working so far but just wanna be sure im doing it right thanks

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    should be 70%cal from fat 30%from protein....adj macros but keep caloric intake the same. when u carb up id do 125g carbs per meal for a total of 500.

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    when on a keto diet you get your energy sources from fats rather then carbs. I take in high fat when on keto.

    Have you looked up Dave Palumbos diet?? search for it... full of info.. keto diet with high fat intake

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