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    TRUTH about dieting

    Well after 2 cycle, I have gain abit, Now I didn't diet right and I wasn't really to pump juice, but I did ANYWAYS...

    That got me no where, but get a bigger gut, SO LISTEN ALL NEW ROID USER!

    You need a diet and you have to follow that diet, I ran test c 8 weeks and pretty much lost 90% of it, 2nd cycle I tryed test p, and I didn't see much, could of been cheap stuff, or it could of be the diet.

    I am here today to say, I need HELP, And without the use of juice.
    I am a Male, 24yr old.

    I want to say 13%, But I am think with a 36in gut(messure at belly button), it is 15%

    So I am looking for someone to give me a good nutrition, and help with planing.


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    go to the diet forum not the AAS forum.

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    check out the diet stickies and list what you propose would be a good diet towards your goals whether it be bulking, cutting, or lean bulking... List the macros for each meal and your stats...

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    ^^^^ He's right man, you need to propose the diet, theres some great stickies up there...

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