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Thread: glycemic load

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    glycemic load

    do any of you guys use this to determine whats in your diet?

    i read a little bit and it seems like there's a better variety of food to eat.

    for my next diet, i think this is going to be the basis for what i eat(along with other smaller factors)

    what's your take on this? also, anyother info would be great.

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    GREAT QUESTION......I will be be following this.....

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    Glycemic Load (GL) is the product of the Glycemic Index (GI) and following a diet that pays attention to GI but not to GL would be an oxymoron for that reason. I use it to determine the portion size of carbs in my diet and I think anyone who pays close attention to his diet regarding carbs should do the same not only concerning weight loss/gain but also for general well being.

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