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    6 weeks till Vegas MDW! Which DIET?? KETO or the Cutting Sticky on this site????

    Ok Ive been lifting hard the whole winter and am now ready for my 6 week cut. The cutting sticky on here says KETO diets will wither your hard earned muscle away from the lack of carbs. I have done both diets with success but when I did the KETO diet I lost too much muscle. SO Im going to do a hybrid of both. Im suppose to have 170 carbs a day but im going to cut that to 100 and have 25 grams in the am, 75 PWO. I want to stay around 1700 calories a day im thinking. When I did the KETO I didnt run anavar and I think the anavar will really help me keep muscle on this sort of hybrid i want to try.
    250 grams protein daily 1000 calories (chicken, turkey, steak, Whey)
    100 grams Carbs 400 calories (oats and cell tech pwo)
    35 grams fat 310 calories (Omega 3's and 6's)

    My stats: 189 pounds
    12% BF
    I'm going to run Anavar 40 mgs daily, 10mg Creatine PWO w 30 grams carbs (cell tech) , and BCAAs during workout, gallon of water per day min. Vitamins, liv52 also.
    Also 2-3 vicodin narcos a few times per week depending how much pain im in from my back. I almost killed myself 5 years ago on a rice rocket and my back is ****ing fried. It really sucks. Also so anyone reading this knows, I switched to vicaprofen (vicodin and ibruprofen) and stayed on that for a year and when I got my blood work done my kidneys were always elevated which is not good. But when I switched back to vicodin narco (acetamenaphin) my blood work was perfect. So advil is def not good long term for you. Im going to try and not take and narco or not go over 2 per day when I start the anavar and get my blood work done 2 weeks into it to check my liver values. Since im only doing 40 mgs hopefully ill be ok. I know you shouldnt take any acetamenaphin at all but im lucky to even be typing this on this site and living life from a near death experience. Anyways any thoughts on my diet would be appreciated..

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    I'm only going to comment on the diet. As far as everything else you posted goes, consult a professional before jumping into anything. For your stats, 1700 cals is very low; I would start at around 2,500 cals and up the cardio (everyday). By the way, what does your cardio workout consist of? Imo, you can afford a bit more carbs than this. I would recommend you increase to around 200 grams. And definitely increase the fat!! 35 grams is nothing. For your stats, I would suggest somewhere around 75 grams/day. Get those cals up!

    Post up your entire diet for a more efficient critique.
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