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Thread: Ketogenic diet

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    Ketogenic diet

    i was just reading an article about the ketogenic diet.
    was wondering were you guys got your fat sources from??
    it said id need to eat over 200 grams of fat

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    You dont necessarily need to eat that many grams. This diet is based on the fact of using fat to burn fat. This means good fats though. Your main fat sources should be mainly nuts and meat. Also EVOO is a great source for fat.

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    I do a little over 200g when I'm in 280lbs-290lbs range so depends on your weight. Find your maintenance calorie needs, take of about 10% from it, then figure out a 70/30 fat/protein ration respectively.

    Fat sources that really help me out are cashews (they do have a lot of carbs compared to other fats but its good for your health and 30-60g of carbs per day don't effect me that much), heavy whipped cream, coconut oil (I cook with it and put it in my caffeine free coffee breakfast, lunch, dinner along with heavy whipped cream), olive oil, cheeses (I personally love the string cheese sticks), and lots of 80/20 ground beef.

    Slowly increase coconut oil if you decide to use it. Its a great source for fats since its one of the only medium chain triglycerides you will find but it does mess with your stomach a bit.

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    try to get your fat from as many natural sources as possible eg. nuts, oils, avocado etc. nuts and avocado are also quite high in fiber which is beneficial in any diet especially a keto

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