Well I am looking at a 4-6week quick cutter to try and lose a solid 8-10 of fat and not lose any muscle. I did just finish a 10 week prop and tren cycle with great results. I have definitely grown and leaned out. Now just want to put the finishing touches on it. I am also on GH and have been on for the past three months. Will probable stay on for at least a year. Now I have always been fond of the keto diets, but want to try for a more convential healthy cutting diet. So here is what I was thinking.

Height 5'6"
Weight 166
Estimated BF% 14-15
training 18 years- Bench 345x1/225x18, Squat 405, pull-up 31

Goals are cut down to 155 ish, 10 or less BF%, and maintain strength and muscle mass in those 6 weeks. Eventually I will like to be a solid 163-165, but that will be over the course of the rest of this year. Trying to take my time and be realistic.

How does this sound-
TDEE according to the calculations on the sticky- 2550
So was thinking a 750 calorie subtraction/day from my TDEE.
Weight training plus 30 min of cardio after weights. Burn 350 cals at low intensity cardio 5xweek. This comes out to 7000 calorie deficit a week. Will this be equal to 2 lbs of actual fat loss? Now I know I will lose some water and other means of weight during this time since I just got off a cycle. But looking at keeping my muscle and strength gains. But want to try and get very lean. Abs without a doubt are their lean.

I'll do the 40%/40/20 ratio. Clean fats only and good carbs with carbs in morning and most focused around workout time. No cheat meals! I am pretty aware of what foods Ill need to eat and how ill arrange the diet. Just looking for some slight input since diets with carbs are fairly new to me. Just want to try something different. I will say that keto diets do work though, but a bit burnt out on them for now.

So are my goals more the reasonable? Is the diet calorie deficit ok. And a wierd question. But how many mm does the stomach skin fold have to be to have super lean abs. I have went from 23mm to 8mm and abs do show, but nothing like what you see in a magazine. They have like paper thin skin on their mid section. thanks for any quick input. If sounds ok, I'll post a diet up for a quick critique later.