Right guys I'm totally perplexed by what's going on here. It could be diet or supplement rebound problem. I'm dieting down for a bodybuilding competition, I got down to 10% @210lb, ran out of clen , T3 and tren . So I adjusted my calories to 1900 at 50/30/20 expecting to lose 1.5lb a week to take me to 200lb @5% one week later, my belly has grown with carb bloat, I now weigh 213lb I started drinking a gallon of water a day to get rid of water.

So is it the rebound from lack of supplements ? I have been cycling carbs but in more of a random manner. I figured I looked fuller with carbs so I kept these in my diet. I have a weeks worth of t3 left. I may be able to restock in a couple of weeks time. I was trying to do it without drugs for a bit so I could work the numbers out but they are just not making sense. Thoughts and advice please, I have 7 weeks left and it's getting a bit desperate.