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    Medium chain triglycerides.

    Am i the only one who makes a point in putting these fats into my diet?

    What role do you feel they play in a BB diet if any?

    Do you feel they are as important as omega 3/6's?

    I've been using coconut oil to cook my morning eggs and also a teaspoon in my pre workout meal. Sometimes a teaspoon in my oats instead of butter.

    I've read a few studies about MCT's actually increasing metabolism because the human body prefers this fat for immediate energy.

    Just want to hear some others opinions

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    I consume 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. It's great for cooking eggs, throw a bit in the pan, they never stick & soak it up while cooking. I also throw some in the water I cook my rice in.

    I remember reading something about this type of fat bypassing the liver and getting into the bloodstream much faster but I don't recall the exact details.

    Occasionally I'll drizzle some on a rice cake or two for a preworkout carb / fat source if I don't have time for a slower digesting meal.

    I never use olive oil anymore, always coconut oil. I even cook my salmon with it. I haven't ventured into using it as a topical skin treatment but I believe that also has some benefits.

    The rest of my dietary fat is from eggs, fish, avocados, and sometimes chia seeds.

    I used to consume a lot of nut butter fat, but I prefer to use powdered peanut butter now.

    I also rarely eat red meat, I'm just doing a running head count of macros currently but intend to start tracking macros & micro nutrients at some point this year.

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