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    Diet advice, feel free to tell me to **** off

    As the title says, I'm looking for critique and I'm sure ye are sick of posts like this so feel free to tell me **** off

    I've read handfuls of diet examples but all of them seem to be made up of meals that'd you'd have to sit down and eat. I work construction, 12 hours days. It can be hard to get time to eat so my diet is based around this. Most food is easy to eat on the go.

    1.5 Cup Oats
    5 Eggs

    2 Cups Oats and Whey
    Can Tuna

    90g Brown Rice
    200g Extra lean ground beef
    Mixed veg
    1/2 Cup sunflower seeds

    2 cups Oats & Whey

    90g Brown Rice
    3 chicken burgers (halal 100% chicken)
    Mixed veg
    2 Scoop Protein

    5700 Cals 42C 26F 32P

    I'm at 228lbs 15%bf and struggling to gain weight, I've dropped 5lbs in the past few weeks.

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    do you prefer brown rice to white? no issue with white rice if you prefer, all the brown rice band wagon is mostly for cutting and slow release, as long as you go for a longer chain rice youll be fine, basmati for example

    my breakfast sometimes is 5 egg whites one whole egg, mix in 60 grammes of oats, whisk,. pour into a pan, - boom oat omelette, serve with pinnaple rings, honey, yoghurt whatever fits your macros dude

    5700 cals and dropping weight means you are not getting enough colories in against calories burn energy expenditure out

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    You need to get a pack 35.00 on amazon that comes with 4 slots..prep your 4 meals solid food would be much better..I have one I take to work and a shaker and protein and a big bag of almonds.i too work a physical job and Iam constantly feeding to prevent catabolism take 4 to work or throughout day and if your like me you have a little time In the morning and at night at home so cool two whole meals at home for a total of 6 meals plus a protein shake gotta be eating a lot and clean food to put on that weight esp with a physical job..

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