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Thread: TDEE and Diet

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    TDEE and Diet

    Good morning all,

    Iím new to this forum and Iím very excited about what Iíve been reading and what Iíve been learning so far. Everyone seems very helpful and willing to teach what theyíve learned over the years. I had a few questions about my TDEE and how to find out what that number is. I want to accuarately calculate my calories and macros and try and get my diet dialed in for my cycle. Iím very sedentary I sit at a desk for eight hours a day most days . My stats are,

    Age: 24
    Weight: 212
    Bodyfat: 14.7%
    Years Training: 5
    Previous Cycles: 2 and they were test only cycles

    I donít know what other information you guys might need to help me out just let me know and I really appreciate any help that can be given to me.

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    TDEE is an estimate of how much food one should eat. Basically, a starting point. After that, you will need to adjust your intake according to the results you want. There are many sites out there that will calculate this for you but the most accurate one is which is using the latest formulas from Dr. Hall at the NIH. I have used this one several times and it is ridiculously accurate.
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    What he said. Start there and adjust accordingly.

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