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    Sugars/carbs on label??

    Simple question. When you see the carbs and sugars separately on a food label, are sugars factored into the carbs? I ask because I feel like I've seen labels where it showed more sugars than carbs, which makes no sense. Makes me question of you're supposed to combine the two to get total carbs when you're factoring in your macros?

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    The Carbohydrates first line is the total amount of carbs. What's listed underneath is the breakdown. Examples = sugar, fiber, sugar alcohols.

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    Like windex stated the sugar is/should be a listed as a sub category of the total carbs. Every once in a while I will come across a label like this one and gets me thinking. Sugars/carbs on label??-img_6719.jpg

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    Sometimes producers cant do nothing but the need to follow the law. Its really strick in EU and we need to follow or penalty.

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