heres a pre workout concoction you may want to try.. this is some bro science, some of which came from Stan Efferding, but basically the combination of all these things in your blood stream while working out is going to increase you bodies ability to uptake glycogen by 3x, and also stimulate your ability to make ATP (ie, enhance your performance and energy in the middle of sets).
with an added blood flow and pump benefit.

pick a high fructose juice of your choice.. grape juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice etc..

add a spoonful of Sucralose (ie, table sugar which is a combo of fructose and glucose)
add a spoonful of salt (or whatever amount you can tolerate for taste)
add 5g of Citruline
add 2g of Glycerol
swallow a 100mg caffeine pill

supposedly the combination of fructose and glucose together makes ATP turnover increase. it then increases even further when salt and caffeine are added to the mix..
the Citruline is to promote blood flow and vascular expansion. the glycerol is to help drive water/nutrients into muscle cells

I have not tried this. I'm a supplement retailer and have tons of pre workouts I get at wholesale. but for you guys on a budget and don't have much funds for pre workouts to try out , the above may be a fairly effective option for you.

note- citruline and glycerol as stand alone supplements are very cheap on a gram per gram basis compared to actual pre workouts that may contain those ingredients