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    Can glycogen be supplimented????

    I just read one of the promos for some “gain muscle and loose fat” program. I don’t care about the product, but one thing caught my eye.

    My understanding was – that you can supplement glycogen by adding yeast and liver to your diet.

    Think about it – if that’s true, then you can shred fat on your bulking cycle. (lower carb intake wouldn’t affect your muscle gains if sufficient amount of glycogen is supplemented)

    Can anyone confirm or deny this…… or at least point me to the direction as to where I can find an answer.



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    Yeast may help, but I don't think I could eat enough of it to make a big impact.

    When I was on a CKD, after my last workout. I'd start to carb up with liquid carbs....Gatorade/powerade. They do contain sugar, but also glycogen, which is my prefered source of muscle fuel when carbing. And since it was my last workout..these carbs supply the muscles faster.

    My goal was not to gain, just keep my current mass while dieting. I might have gained a little if I supplemented clen while dieting, but maybe I'll try that next time.

    Hope this helps.

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