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    Is the nutrition what it shoud be?

    Hello all,

    27, 5'9, 208, 12 bf
    Neck 17"
    forearm 15"
    waist 35"
    chest 47"
    quads 27"

    Bench 295x8
    squat 225x15
    deadlft 405x2

    wk1-5 Anadrol 50 100mg/day
    wk1-4 IGF LR3 40mcg/day
    wk1-10 Sust. 250 mg every 3 day
    wk4-10 Tren 75mg/day
    wk11-15 IGF LR3 80 mcg/day
    wk1-16 Nolva
    wk12-16 Clomid

    wk1-16, Daily:
    animal pak Multi vitamin 2 paks
    Buffered creatine 2 pills
    milk thistle and co q 10
    enzyte (to help delivery)
    flax oil 2 tbls day
    procerin dht blocker for hair
    Melotan for sleep
    green tea pills

    W/O 4-5 times per week

    Ok here is the deal. I will be starting the above cycle soon. Now I will be consuming 4800 cals per day. Divided into 8 meals at 600 cals each. I am a wake from 7am to 11pm so thats 1 meal every 2 hours. Each meal will look like this in relation to macronutrients:

    8 meals
    600 cals per.
    60 grams protien per.
    60 grams carbs per.
    12 grams fat per.

    Daily Yields, about:
    500g protien
    450g carbs
    100g fat

    Water, Milk, Juice only.
    Cranberry juice/daily
    No soda or alcohol

    Is the nutrition for this cycle what it needs to be or should I do something different? Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Captain Anabolic

    (All infomation in this post is completely fictional)
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    Hey, anyone out there

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    can you get more specific with your meals. . .like what is your PWO meal, meal 0ne ect ect. . .

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    Thanks for responding bro. I have not detailed it done to food selection meal by meal.
    I just am going to make sure that every 2 hours I get 600 cals 240 from protien 240 from carbs and 20 from fat. I plan on a lot off tuna, chicken,rice, milk, breads, protien bars and shakes.

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    beatin it up...
    Use the sticky at the top of the page and construct a plant of attack from there..

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