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Thread: My Diet?

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    My Diet?

    Im 23 at 6'4 245lbs with about 11-12%BF. My diet was good up to about 6 months ago and it has now fallen to s h i t! My metabolizim is insainly high and very fast. My work requires me to be moving and lifting all day long keeping my heart rate higher than normal, therefor burning fat at a higher rate. My problem is if don't eat i get skinny! When i get the chance to eat its not good food and i have now put on fat near my love handles and is getting bigger while I get skinny! Weird i know, but i know its my diet and if this is all strange to you let me sum it up. Im confussed with my diet and at a stand still. Does anyone have any suggestions that i could try or some kind of diet/program i could test out? Maybe i already know my questions but am looking for someone to push me in the right direction. Thanks in advance...

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    I always say a good push in the direction of the stickies above is a good direction in which to be pushed. So please, check out those threads, they are very helpful in helping one create either a cutting program, or lean mass based type approach.


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