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    Clen and Var for cutting

    Hi all , I'm a 35year old male 82kgs 185cm tall . I'm by no means over weight but have a bit of a belly that won't shift . My diet is fairly clean and I train hard 3-4 times a week. Recently a guy told me if I ran a course of var and clen it would shred the fat in no time .
    Can anybody enlighten me will this work or not ? There are so many conflicting stories I just don't know what to believe !!

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    yes with cardio and diet var and clen will help (diet is key though) no amount of "help" will counter act a bad diet, get your macros worked out

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    Don't do var and clen - start a with a cardio programme and diet regime and let the body adjust and burn body fat. Keep manipulating this process until you reach your desired bf level. Clen could be a possibility and also many other compounds a lot further down the line once you keep hitting a brick wall but you don't need var.
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