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    Question about clen dosage

    Before you all say go read the educational or do a search I have, my question is simple if you know. On the suggested dosage it says 20mcg, 40mcg, 60 mcg, etc... is that for the whole day or is that everytime you take it during the day. I ask this because one of the searches I did talked about using it every 4 hours or so but did not clarify as to if those amounts were the total for the day or every dose. Can someone please clarify. Thank You

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    Clen has a half life of 36 hours so there is no need to split dosage. Start off with 20-60mcg and see how you react then increase dosage the next day if you can take it. I've gone up to 150mcg/day. I've seen others that have done 200mcg/day.

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