I am trying to find out if anyone here is knowledgeable on I131?
I have read up on it and talked with the Dr, but I am experiencing symptoms that are not listed.
I took the pill on Wednesday so I am at the half life today.
My skin and hair is extremely oily.
I also get night sweats like Iím on high amount of tren . I crave salt for some reason. I also have low energy levels. Peeing more than normal. Vowel movement is less than normal.
Last night I had this fucked up dream about a spider protector that had a body like a human and only came out of his house to kill.- se what I mean- really fucked up. Sort of like a tren dream.
Maybe they gave me free tren instead.. LOL
I want more I131!!!
Seriously, if anyone has experienced I131 I would like to know what they experienced.

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