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    Found a new doc today!! Have ??'s

    I went to my Family Practice doc today for the first time since moving and I think I scored big time. The guy is a bodybuilder, owns a gym and is very knowledgable on hormones and is pro-TRT!! He's even on TRT himself!

    I've almost decided I'm going to quit seeing the endo I have now and get all my paperwork sent to the new doc.

    My only concern is he prefers using a testosterone based cream...which he claims he has better results with. What are ya'lls thoughts on this. I always thought the creams were kinda useless. Also, does anyone have any idea what he might be using...I didn't think to ask.

    He also wants to experiment with me and asked me if I want to switch over to Arimidex and the cream he uses. What do you all think?
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    HRT IS GREAT. USE, NOT ABUSE. REPLACEMENT VALUE DOSAGES ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. 200MG OF TEST CYP weekly WORKS GREAT. HGH, 1 TO 1.5 iu'S DAILY. ARIMIDEX is a must. Its an Anti-Estrogen which will prevent sides and wont let the estrogen take over. 1mg of arimidex eod works well. Good luck. Id go with injection over gel always. HRT has brought back life for a lot of people.

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    I'd suggest you let him experiment on you.. if you don't respond he'll simply change you to get you in the high norm.. after all..

    he wants success stories..

    if he can fix you.. you will refer 20-50 new clients to him per year..
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    Yeah, no doubt! What state are you in? I want to see this guy!!

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