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    Anastrozoleous, the Great and Merciful Emperor of E2

    Hey folks. Got some questions about recent developments in my treatment. My TRT log is here:

    Hasn't been updated in a while but it will give you some background.

    185 lbs., I'm guessing somewhere around 16% BF, down significantly since I started, but my scale weight is unchanged.

    I've been on TRT since March. Protocol has been:

    200mg Test Cyp, 1xWeek
    0.5mg Anastrozole, 2xWeek
    Hcg 300 IU 3xWeek

    My diet has been utterly flawless since I started, and my body is transforming like magic. I am totally thrilled by how I'm starting to look. When I go out, I turn heads now. Women double-take, stop me, talk about how muscular I look, etc. I feel awesome, and I'm only just getting started!

    Thing is, one symptom of the low T has been haunting me all the way through. My libido has been almost totally dead. Sex drive just isn't there. In fact, when I do get turned on, I can't really keep a strong erection. It's weak.

    Everything I've read says that this is most commonly due to problems with E2 management. My E2 score hasn't really changed since I started TRT though. Pre-TRT BW had it at 28. Both blood tests on TRT have been at 26. So I figured it wasn't an E2 problem. It's been frustrating the hell out of me, the one problem I can't fix.

    So here's where it gets interesting. Per my protocol, I typically take the 0.5mg Anastrozole on Monday and Friday. As an experiment, I took an additional dose on Wednesday of this last week. By Friday I felt ... horny. Actually the whole weekend I felt improved and went on to use my resurrected meat stick on a nearby young woman. It was great.

    Questions are as follows. On this history, do you folks think that my symptoms are related to E2 management, or is it impossible for a higher Anastrozole dose to cause an improvement that swiftly?

    What do you guys think? And how much Anastrozole is it safe to take? Can I step up to 0.5mg EOD?

    I should mention that my SHBG is especially low. It comes back at 8 on all blood tests I've taken.
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    Well you've certainly supplied a lot of info and to be honest, I cant really comment on everything; I'll leave some of it to the more well informed on this site. That said, before I finished reading your post, I was going to say your E2 is *too low* but clearly bumping the AI seems to have helped; so it's entirely possible you are one of those people who does better with extremely low levels. For what it's worth, I myself recently had an E2 crash at around 21 so I had to back off the AI. Clearly everyone is different. I will ask you this much and don't take it the wrong way, is it possible you're getting a placebo effect and that it's not physiological but a psychological issue? Hopefully for you it's not, because that's much more difficult to remedy. .5 EOD is fine, until my recent crash, I was taking it myself; a lot of people do however, just pay close attention to how you feel. If you start to feel weak, or your joints begin to ache or click, or you feel fatigued, moody, emotional, or your libido starts to fade as well as your erections; these are all signs of Low E. That's when you know for sure it's time to back off and give it a rest. Trust me when I say, you don't want to experience Low E; it's no fun. You're already at the bottom end of the scale and can very easily over do it; so tread lightly.

    Best of luck and congratz on all your progress including your recent conquest!
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    LOL Nice thread title.

    couple of questions. Have you ever had your progesterone levels tested? What is the normal range on your results for estradiol? Have you researched DHEA in conjuction with TRT? (If not Its something I would suggest implementing). Any other prescriptions or drugs your on?

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    I didn't understand 26 to be the bottom end of the scale, but I don't have the test results with me right now so I'll post the lab's reference range when I get home. And It's not a psychological issue. I actually feel great but for this one nagging problem. As to the suggestion that it was a placebo effect, I suppose it's possible, but I really don't think so.


    I've never had my progesterone tested as far as I can recall, nor have I played with DHEA. I think for the moment I'm going to stick with Anastrozole 0.5mg EOD and see how I respond. I'll get some more blood work done in a couple weeks too. As for other prescriptions, nothing that would make a difference, I don't think. Simvastatin and Fenofibrate to control lipids, prilosec OTC for GERD related to a hiatal hernia.

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    As I've understood it, 20 is the low end range and as efficient as Anastrozole is, you could be below that in a matter of days. I went from 167 to 43 in 4 weeks of .5 OED and the first week was actually .25 EOD however, like I said, you may be one of those who does better with less. Just know if you start feeling crappy, it's time to back off the AI.

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