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    Guiding my Dr. in the way I want to go

    Hi guys,

    Some of you may know me, some won't.

    Long story short, I just turned 36 and since I was 28 I have been having some low testosterone symptoms. First time I did bloodwork to confirm this I was 31 and the result came back 237ng/dl. At the time I tried to get help from a couple of doctors without results. In the meanwhile I started working overseas and the thought of trt left my mind also because my symptoms are not severe.

    Back in my country for a while I decided to visit my father's urologist who I know has prescribed testosterone to his patients before. I repeated my bloodwork and all was very good (he even congratulated me) except Total T value which was 232ng/dl.

    He gave me a prescription for some Sustenon and Proviron , but I am not sure what is on his mind because he made some comments about quitting training so hard and leave supplements all together, but nevertheless I think his idea is to continue treatment or else he would have never get me started as that would only worsen my condition.

    The protocol prescribed by him was the following:
    Day 1 - 250mg Sustenon
    Day 31 - 250mg Sustenon
    Day 61 to 90 - 25mg Proviron ed

    Well, this is completely wrong as far as I know and here is what I am actually doing:
    Week 1 - 2 x 125mg Sustenon
    Week 2 to 10 - 2 x 50mg Sustenon
    Week 11 to 14 - 50mg Proviron ed

    As you can see, I stop the Sustenon at week 10 so that when I visit him at week 15 my test levels are low enough for the bloodwork.

    The protocol I wish to proceed is:
    100mg Testosterone per week
    25mg Proviron per day
    250iu HCG twice a week

    What do you guys think I should say about my experience during these first 3 months (supposedly I followed his protocol)? I was thinking something along these lines:

    - First month nothing special
    - Second month, felt better after the 2nd shot but crashed after 1,5 week.
    - Testicle pain and atrophy also started during the 2nd month.
    - The third month only with Proviron was terrible. Felt worse than before starting.
    - Then I will try to convince him that Proviron alone may not do much but will help control test conversion to estrogen in a safer way than AI's and will help increase free test values.

    I tried showing him all types of literature and medical studies but he just did not care. I hope that adjusting the symptoms to what I want him to prescribe me will have a different effect. What do you guys suggest?

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    By the way, except for the first week where due to the dosage I injected IM, I have been injecting subq.

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