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    Testosterone cycle?

    I'm 52. I work out 4 days a week. Have been for 35 years. I'm am losing size and tone , age related I'm sure. My test level is just under 300. If I take test injections can I stay on and not cycle? Maybe if I lower the dose. Any input would be helpfull. I would like to keep some of the muscle I worked to get.

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    Well at 52, you will need to stay on for life and not cycle. Your testosterone levels will never increase on their own anymore.
    Here's is a little analogy: I had to start using reading glasses at age 47. As I get older, my eyesight will continue to slowly deminish and never get better without the use of glasses. That said, so will your testosterone continue to diminish. So just like glasses help increase my vision, supplemental testosterone has helped increase my testosterone.

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    ^^Correct. Fist start with complete BW though to evaluate everything. An example is in the Finding a Doc sticky thread at the top of this forum. You need baselines on everything. Then, if warranted and nothing else is causing this other than an age related decline then TRT will be your savior. It is a wonderful thing if done properly. Our parents generation was not so furtunate. Think about what they went through...

    Make sure you find a good, knowledgeable doc to guide you in this venture. Most doc's unfortunately do not know hormones but if he's willing to listen you can self-educate here and pass your knowledge along to him. Be sure to read all the stickies as valuable info awaits you there and will greatly help you. Bringing your test levels back to a high normal level is a wonderful thing, but don't get carried away. TRT is for life and it's about balance and long-term health, it's not a cycle by any means. BW is the key to homeostasis and you will have to make changes along the way to balance out. HCG should be part of this protocol (read sticky) and an AI may be in your future as well, but hopefully not.

    All the best and welcome! Stick around, contribute and learn.
    Visit all the other forums as well.


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    Im 50 and have been on TRT for over 3 years............. Its a life saver and changer...............Listen to Kelkel

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