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    Adex and cruising

    Who believs if your cruising all year round, that having adex on hand is vital?

    I was reading a page somewhere and it states -

    If you do not have a demonstrated need for arimidex, DO NOT TAKE IT. It is more important to know your E2 levels before cruising. If E2 levels are not high, you should cease all arimidex.. Very few men can achieve and maintain erections with E2 levels <10 pg/dL.

    In saying that should i only go off my blood work with adex?

    Or since i listen to my body and i know the signs of high e2 levels i could still use than right?

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    Bloodwork is key to understanding visually how your endocrine system is operating. Its equally important to understand what and how youre feeling and why. A combination of bloodwork AND experience will provide a solid snapshot of where you are and where you should be, according to these two important factors.

    Understanding the endocrine system, hormones, and their associated values, is also key to understanding this complex system. Lots and lots of reading my friend..

    Incidentally, i dont agree with this statement.."Very few men can achieve and maintain erections with E2 levels <10 pg/dL."

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