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    Transdermal DHEA and Pregnenolone

    The health food store I get most of my supplements only sells transdermal DHEA and Pregnenolone. The DHEA is 30 mg per pump, while the Pregnenolone is 15 mg per pump. I have read that I should be getting at least 30 mgs of DHEA and 50 mgs of Pregnenolone daily, but that would be way too much cream to apply.

    My question is if the transdermal application of both would absorb more than taking pills, therefore being able to use less ??

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    Personally, I would think the pregnenolone would not be high enough dose or would be cost-prohibitive.

    As for the DHEA, 30mg per pump is probably not bad at all. I would think that might be a very good option. Do understand that out of everything we consume, only part is actually absorbed into the blood. It varies from person to person of course as well.

    But the other side is... micronized DHEA is very cheap. A couple months supply can be like 10 bucks. Cost in general is important to me, but may be less so for other. I don't believe HRT needs to cost a ton to be effective.

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    Agree with HRT. Myself and GD both have used compounded creams with DHEA/PREG. The absorption was just no where near what you would expect for either of us. I switched to micro products and my dhea came back over 150 pts up from the cream. That sold me.

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