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    TRT does it cause cancer??

    Heres the deal...Since testosterone stimulates cell growth, it is possible that it can accelerate the growth of an EXISTING prostate cancer or male breast cancer. ACTIVE PRESENT EXISTING CANCER ONLY. TRT wont cause new cancer growth and there is no study or case out there that can prove this. This is also why for all TRT patients cancer DRE imaging and/or PSA testing and comprehesive labs are done before hand to make sure the patient is cancer free. Active cancer is a contraindication for TRT.

    Ill tell you not balancing or optimizing your hormones will cause you to get cancer. I spent years in Radiology Nuclear Medicine reading PET cancer imaging studies and working with the top UCLA oncologists day in day out...They all said the same thing "PLUNDERING HORMONAL LEVELS is the cause of cancer which cause poor signaling in our bodies response to oxidative stress due to the damage by free radical renders the body more acid and anerobic... the ideal ecosystem for cancer growth. This is why its so healthy to have an alkaline diet (opposite of acid) and aerobic (presents of oxygen) system. Why do you think some docs use oxygen hyperbaric chamber therapy for cancer therapy.

    I cant stress enough...Your chances of getting cancer is higher if you dont balance hormones.

    There is no doubt in my mind this is true when you look at the high rate of cancer in the US today and our poor food quality and GMO/Gluten foods. There is a reason why 70% of our immune system is now in our gut. Our digestive system is now adapting because our gut has to fight all the shit we put in out bodies...this is the main factory of oxidative stress.

    18 year study was just done on all TRT patients most using HCG . There is .48% rate of cancer per year of all US men that undergo TRT. The national average of men NOT ON TRT that get just prostate cancer is 1 out of 5. Ill let you do the math on that. Again, balancing hormones is cancer preventative. HCG is chemical that is naturally produced in the body. Its actually released during pregnancy to help cell growth of the unborn fetus. Does that sound cancer causing. In a landmark review article published in 2004 in the New England Journal of Medicine, the authors report “there appears to be no compelling evidence at present to suggest that men with higher testosterone levels are at greater risk of cancer or that treating men who have hypogonadism [low testosterone] with exogenous androgens increases this risk of any cancer."

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    agree 100% regarding our food sources.. but did anyone really believe the Gov wants to keep old people alive??

    on another note.. what's the drug they give via injection when a male is diagnosed with prostate cancer that suppresses his natural production of test for 6 months??
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