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    t level doubled with no tx?

    Hi guys, in early March, and again in late March, I had my t levels checked. On both occasions, they came in around 350 ng/dL.
    However, when i got them checked again, just two days ago, theyve come back at 700... all other measures were normal apparently (fsh, lh, e2 etc). Have not been on AAS/TRT

    Strange thing is, I've changed little between March and May; in fact, my diet and training have gotten worse. How could this be??

    I still feel shit: shit libido, sexual function, body composition getting worse, making no gains, feel flat, lethargic...

    Is it possible to have transient resurgences in t production? Could this blood test be off? The test was done at 1130am, the earlier two were done around 12pm. Same provider for two of the tests.... I'm stumped

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    Could be as simple as not sleeping well the night before on prior tests. To get the best result get tested as soon as you wake up after a good night sleep.

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    I have had the same thing happen mate, the most recent test i had done was around 1000 and it came back with free test at 12.8 ( 10-35 range ) when the 2 tests before it only weeks appart were 3.1 and 5.5... same as you still feel crap and have all the symptoms but according to the doctor with that range im not in need of TRT anymore as im "back within range"... Same as you though, nothing is different, same diet, same sleep, same training.

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    must be something we're missing here NJ. Either the tests are, to a certain degree, unreliable... Or... our HPTA is partially functional...? Interesting, and kinda troubling stuff. I have another set of bloods coming in on sun... will keep ya posted.

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    Just one of those things...Your both right. Natural daily test production can vary by 30%, no matter your sleep, diet, lifestyle was within the past 24-48 hrs. Although Id say its rare to have varying values as much as you guys have had above, it does happen. Best thing...just retest. Labcorp, quest, pacific actually have a protocol in place because of the sensitivity/specificity of these test, a reflex is set on these test sometimes to automatically retest when values seem too skewed. I will say there is alot of contributing factors that can make serum BW ultrasensitive. The biggest one that comes to mind is sleep. You want to drive your T down 30% stay up all night and then get your T levels done. Youll be shocked. When I stage patients for TRT. I never judgements on one BW. Very important to have the patient have uniformity with his behavior when doing each lab draw. Get good sleep, fast 8-10 hours, no ejaculating for 24-36 hoursv (just for PSA accuracy). ect. I even tell them to go to the same lab everytime and get your draw done at the same time everytime. Serum BW isnt gold standard either. Salivary is much more accurate. Do I use it?? NO. BW is just fine. Remember blood work is used for just guidelines. many docs fall into the bad habit of treating the labs and not the patient. Treat the symptoms not the labs and use labs as only a guideline.

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    Hi guys, so I grabbed my results today, and it looks like SHBG has also doubled since last test. But here's the interesting bit: My estradiol was 140 (range given as 30-150).... Yes I was well slept, no I haven't been touching the piss!
    FSH was 3.9 (1.5-12.4), LH was 6.2 (1.5-8.5), SHBG was 28 (15-50( cortisol was 235 (138-650) prolactin was 223(85-500)

    Could this be an explanation for my symtpoms?! Still doesn't explain why I had two tt's come back in the 12's this March, but still... it is semi-promising!
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    found this online: Like Phil said, when E2 goes up, it "makes you feel like crap and kills
    your sex life". As E2 levels go up, SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)
    levels tend to go up, too. SHBG attaches itself to testosterone and
    basically makes the testosterone useless. In other words, you can have
    "good" levels of testosterone , but if your SHBG is too high, you still
    feel like you have low testosterone .

    Here is a list of some of the symptoms of high E2 (you don't have to
    experience all of the symptoms to know that you have high E2):
    * Depression
    * Trouble reaching an orgasm
    * No erections while sleeping (i.e. "night wood" or "morning wood")
    * Anxiety
    * Panic Attacks
    * Prostate problems
    * Gynecomastia
    * Water Retention
    * Dizziness/Vertigo
    * Increased Blood Pressure
    * Decreased Libido
    * ED
    * When penis is limp, it doesn't hang low (it seems to try to crawl back up)
    * Asthma like issues (due to increased water retention around the lungs)
    * Trouble sleeping at night - waking up multiple times per night
    * Lack of Libido
    * Crying while watching TV shows/movies
    * Easier to get angry (think PMS)
    * Insulin Resistance (getting tired after eating a meal - if left
    untreated, it can lead to Type II Diabetes)
    * Larger stomach
    * Redness on the face and/or chest
    * Feeling hotter than everybody else
    * Thinner skin/bleeding easier
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    The estradiol range doesn't look like the sensitive one.

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