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    Testosterone Cyp or Sust 250?

    I am a 54 year old male (6' 2" tall, 186 lbs, 12.3% body fat and in decent shape) and was being treated for very low levels of free (5.3) and total test (150) by a female Nurse Practitioner (along with taking DHEA). She had me on DHEA, Armour Thyroid (for hypo thyroid) and a testosterone cream. Prior to getting treated I actually felt pretty good, good sex drive and in decent shape.

    Long story short, she could not get test levels to get above 250 with the cream so about a year ago I found a really good male doctor who put me on test cyp over the last year. My levels are up on both test free and test total and in the upper 25% of each of the ranges now.

    That said, currently I am using a 3 ml syringe, and I know this will sound like armature hour, however, I am taking a dose of test cyp injection at a dosage of three of the hash marks twice a week (two hash marks less than 1/2 ml). My doctor said I could also take 6 of the hash marks once a week - my choice.

    A friend of mine who is big into all this stuff said he likes Sustanon 250 way better than test cyp. He said I should take i ml once a week. I would like to try the Sustanon 250 as I have not really noticed much of a difference since getting my levels up with the test cyp.

    Like most things there are varying opinions on all the different types of testosterone to take. I would like to try it and form my own opinion. Given my current dose of test cyp, my current free and total test levels being "normal", what would you recommend I take dosage wise and how often of the Sustanon 250?

    Thanks, and apologize if I sound like a newbie with all of this because I am :-)

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    So three marks is .3 ml. If the test is 200mg/ml that means your taking 60 mg of test twice a week or 120 mg per week.

    Being in the upper 25% is good. Sure u could go higher. I was taking the full 200 mg a week and I was just over the top range but I was swelling at the ankles and my red blood cells and hemocrit were over the limit.

    So I backed down to 160 a week split into 2 80 mg doses

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