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    E2 Trough vs. Peak Levels

    If I pin 145 mg Test once per week on Wednesday morning, and I get my blood drawn for blood work on Wednesday before pinning, my numbers are trough levels. If my E2 is coming back at 8 (range 8-43), that is my trough E2. Does E2 rise and fall like Testosterone ? So 8 is my trough level, would my peak level follow the Testosterone line up to a peak (like E2=20 to 30 peak)? So is my E2 really is only low during that trough period? Is my body getting some relief from the low E2 during these peak times?

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    E2 does fluxgate with test level but i don't think simultaneously, i believe E2 lags behind test up or down, and the only way you can make it respond faster is with medication like AI and supplements.

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