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    Best time for BW on 2x week protocol?

    I inject T Sunday night and Thursday morning. HCG on Saturday night and Wednesday morning.
    What day would I test on to find:
    Peak T?
    Trough T?
    Peak E2?
    Trough E2?
    I had BW done on Wed (60 hours from last pin) worried about my E2 levels. They actually felt lower the morning of the test than they had earlier in the week (no itchy chest). Total T was a little high at 1255 (range 348-1197), so I would like to know where in the peak/trough I am for that also.

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    Anytime. Main point would be to make sure you go at the same time post injection throughtout treatment to correctly stage.
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    I do it as close to, but before, my Thursday evening pin or Monday morning pin. I try to get labs done on Thursday afternoon or early Monday morning. That way I get to see the low point but I think consistency is the key.

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