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    Anybody else get the best Woodys when they bring they estrogen too low :)?

    Everytime I've crashed my estrogen and had it tested as well to confirm it's low, I usually have the best erection.
    Wondering if anyone else feels the same
    I hear guys saying higher estrogen usually gives more libido but softer hardys!

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    When estrogen is too high or too low, more often than not this causes erectile dysfunction, not stronger erections.

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    When you say crashed and low what number are you talking about?

    On a sensitive test i hit as low as 6 and had issues!! Then again i know 12 is low as well and i have night,morning and day wood big time!! lol

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    I noticed finishing feels a lot different

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    hmm, that might explain the 4 hours of raging wood I had early this morning. Kept waking me up actually and was starting to get a little worried. I know im a little low on E2 right now as my joints are hurting a bit, super dry skin and I am feel strong as hell but kinda lethargic at the same time and not emotional at all. The strange thing is that while I had this raging wood, I didn't have to much libido, a little horny but not like you think it would have been to match the wood which again points to low E. Going to dial back the Arimidex a bit

    Still, was a cool a problem to have =) Next time I am going to get the girlfriend to jump on and help me get back to sleep

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    Nofate, can you elaborate what you mean when you say "not emotional at all"? Do you mean that in a good way or bad? Im asking because I have low e2 and cant feel any emotions, in a bad way.

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