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    Help reading lab results

    Ok so my protocol has been this for the last few weeks

    150 mg Test(day 7)
    300 IUD HCG (Day 3 and 5) - Sorry thought it was 250, even though I've been doing it right, this is what I've actually be doing.

    I don't have my original results, I just know my test was in the high 200's.

    I am going to list the columns, as well.....

    value ref range
    Testerone - 955 300-1080
    Sex Harmone Binding Gobulin 28 11-80
    F Test 218 47-244
    F test Percentage free 2.3 1.6-2.9

    I must say I feel bad cause I dont know what the SHBG is, so I had to wiki it... I was looking for more like a E level or something?

    The lab said everything was good, and to repeat in 3 months. I think the test levels look pretty good, my libido has returned as well. However, I have been tired as **** at night, but I think I am over training.

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    Your levels look good. Definitely obtain a sensitive E2 assay on your next round of tests. In the Finding A Doc sticky is a description of secondary BW to obtain.
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    Next round is in 3 months apparently, is this to long to wait ?

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