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    TRT and body acne

    I have been doing 50 mg of depo test bi weekly for around five weeks now. I have started getting a substantial amount of small pimples on my shoulders. I realize it's a common side but does anyone have any good advice on getting rid if it?

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    In my view, when a person starts TRT it's like the body wakes from a long sleep and it takes time to adjust to the new morning light. Your acne might gradually subside. Check your bloods to see what your free T levels are. If appropriate, a fix may be to slightly reduce your T dose. You may also consider doing it SQ and daily. Yes, daily. I do it and there are many benefits, not the least would be less of a jolt to your body and lower aromatization.

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    ^^^ This. But take a look below as well:
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    things level off and usually it clears somewhat, its always the worst when bloods levels are coming up or coming down with a change in treatment

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    Yup, I had some acne for about 6 months but have not had anything in several years.

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