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    Im only 24 and I qualify

    I signed up for low t's program trying to figure out whats really wrong with me since my doctor will not work with me and I qualify for the program based on the results. Is this really worth it. Will I be able to start getting stuff from my doctor if I can prove to him its beneficial after I use their program for awhile and have them figure me out since I am sure he is clueless?

    Test was 514 and free test was 11.8

    Any other values I can answer I tried to copy and paste couldn't get it.

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    It all depends on your doctor. There are lots of doctors who just dont believe in TRT but at least with LowT they should be able to do enough test to find out why your test is low and what the proper protocol is to treat you.

    If you do end up on hrt and your doctor wont look at the blood work and evidence it's simple, find another doctor. Remember he works for you. It's easy to just say goodbye.

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