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    1 month mark on TRT

    So today marks my 30 day or 1 month mark of being on TRT and I thought Id just share my experience so far. I will list each thing ive noticed individually.

    Energy: Second to libido my complete lack of energy was one of the driving reasons for me to start TRT. It was a hassle to get out of bed everyday and I didnt have the energy to make it through work most days and extremely hard to play sports or go to the gym etc after. So far that is definately improving. Some days (not all) I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I don't need to drink coffee or any caffeine anymore, and after work I look forward to going out. Id estimate energy has improved x2

    Libido/Sexual function: The number one reason I started T. Very little sexual interest or fantasies, weak infrequent erections, difficulty maintaining erection during intercourse and little to no morning erections are all the causes prior. So far I have noticed I definately think about sex more and my libido is higher, Im starting to get more frequent erections and just more signs of life downstairs in general. My sex life is starting to improve with my girlfriend although I will admit I still have some sexual anxiety due to the past and I enjoy sex and have a much higher libido when Im calm. In the last week Ive eliminated any source of porn and masturbation which has helped quite dramatically. Overall sexual function has increased enough to make me optimistic, although Im still very early this is very exciting!

    Strength/Gym: My passion for the gym has come back hard! I have to restrain myself from going on my off days. Prior to TRT I hadnt made any progress in at least the last year, now only one month in (granted diet, calories, and lifestyle in check) Im catching and even breaking old PR's! Insanely satisfying. I have no problems with soreness and Ive gained 7lbs this first month 140-147 so thats significant.

    BTW I'm on 50mg E3D subQ of Testosterone Cypionate .

    Whats next? I plan on getting my blood drawn in two weeks to see where my Free testosterone sits and I will make any adjustments if necessary. HCG is on my horizon but I don't want to risk throwing my E2 out of range so this is 50/50 atm for me (I know a lot of you guys love it). As for E2 I think Im good for now and obviously will avoid an AI unless absolutely necessary.

    I know Im still in the infant stage and before anyone slams me I understand some things may be placebo, but I am certain a majority is not. I hope these things continue to progress as they have and Im excited for the future. Thanks to anyone who has answered my questions in the past I hope soon I can be of help too others myself!

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    Does hCG affect E2 more than just Testosterone ?

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    Im not sure but from what Ive read it can definately raise it in some people

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