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Thread: HELP test(cip) advice on AI and PCT

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    HELP test(cip) advice on AI and PCT

    first time using anything,

    ordered 2 bottles of test cip 2cc week for 10 weeks is the plan

    for pct clomin? is what my friend recommended

    so he is always on some sort of cycle, and has a **** it attitude .. before this week i had zero knowledge on steroids in general... as reading i quickly come across "A.I." had no idea and im stating to think he dosent either...

    im reading about aromasin i guess the issue is place to order aromasin? and tips on dosage for test A.I. if i can get it and clomin???]

    im 30 years old 5'9'' 223 lbs i was 290 big giant fat ass couple years ago the goal is 200lbs and then go from there... i work out with a 5 day split aweek
    chest tri, back bi, shoulders, legs , arms .... this has been a 2 year mostly on then off program with a shitty diet half the time ... ive hit a wall in getting stronger.

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    Is this a game to see how many signs we can find of why cycling should be the last thing on your mind??

    1. Wrong sub forum for starters
    2. Misspelling of substances
    3. Overweight (too much aromatization)
    4. 2 years of training...that too on and off
    5. half assed diet
    6. Don't know what items you're supposed to use
    7. Don't even have all the proper items you need beforehand for your cycle

    All jokes aside, I think you're better off getting your workout program and diet in check. cycling is gonna put you in a worse place than you're in now.

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    im in pretty good shape.... i can do 100 push ups 20 chin and pull ups dips for days when i said on and off its like on for 2 ,3 months and then off for A WEEK OR 2... spelling is a prequel to do a cycle? half assed diet again its eh..... like i eat pretty good most of the time ? whats the issue? didnt im pretty sure there a mr Olympian who ate mcdonalds daily .... i heard with some gear mood can change u might want to stay away from .... grade A prick head is where u should place urself and the nearest a$s u can shove ur head up would be great.

    anyone with a helpful comment would be great, i dont plan on doing anything till more knowledge is imbedded

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    The most helpful comment I can give you is "Stop....stop now".
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    For your own safety.... You need to stick around and do some more reading. There's tons of info here - take some time to learn more before cycling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazard View Post
    For your own safety.... You need to stick around and do some more reading. There's tons of info here - take some time to learn more before cycling.
    Agreed with above comments and when posting again, best to put this in the Q&A section. This section os for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), not cycling, and what you are proposing is NOT TRT.

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