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    How should I educate my Urologist on HCG?

    18 months ago, I approached my primary Doc with some low libido issues and brought up low T. He was not on board with any of it but conceded with some tests. The results came back low, but within supposedly norms limits. Once again primary Doc wasn't having it. I stood fast and asked for a referral to get a second opinion.

    He sent me to an Urologist who was totally on board. Started me on Test Cyp 200mg per month right away. This protocol went on for a year. I had the mood swings and during the 4th week felt like crap...the usual stuff. Went back to him, told him what the issue was, did some more tests and nothing had changed surprisingly. He gave me a new protocol as I now go every two weeks for my Test and feel much better.

    I did notice some change with the testicle size and a tightness, uncomfortable feeling all the norms. Made an appt with Urologist to discuss issues. Mentioned HCG , He said he did not know much about it other its given to young children to help them sometimes. Said he would send me to an Endo if I wanted and suggested an MRI on the nads. I was surprised with frankness but also encouraged as he said if I have information on it to send it to him!

    I can't seem to get the search function to work for me as I posted what I thought was a good article on HCG along with one of the Guru's here but can't seem to find it. So what I'm looking for is a way to inform my Urologist on the benefits of HGC along with TRT, newer articles and links welcomed.

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    If you are not self injecting, I'd advise that you start. Your urologist has much to learn about TRT as once every two weeks is a bad protocol - not much better than once a month, which is not only ridiculous but hurtful, IMO. Too many ups and downs. Get on a once or twice weekly protocol of 100mg/week to start and you will feel noticeably better immediately. You can always increase later, if necessary. After you both gain trust in each other and you doctor sees that you are doing your homework and becoming more educated, he'll likely let you take more charge of you own treatment. This has been my experience.

    Read the "sticky" on hCG on the top of this forum and also search for Dr. Crisler's articles on it. This should be enough to open your doctor's eyes. If all else fails, you can purchase hCG overseas very cheaply without a script and do what you need to do. I and many others here do this.

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    I've been trying to find newer info as well. Dr. Crisler appears to be the man but his main article is from 2004, best I can tell. Recommendation at that time was 250iu 2 days before and same 1 day before test injection. Would love newer info m

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    I've seen and read Crisler's paper. Was hoping for something that looked less commercial. I did however find an article from the The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism here:

    In summary, assessment of the testicular hormonal environment through percutaneous fluid aspiration has shown a similar testis to serum T gradient as previous testicular biopsy studies in men and rats. Additionally, low doses of hCG maintain baseline levels of ITT in men with gonadotropin withdrawal from exogenous T administration. Lower doses of hCG may be as effective in treating male infertility due to hypogonadotropism as the higher doses used historically. Selective replacement of LH activity with low-dose hCG, as demonstrated in this study, will allow the design of future studies investigating the relative roles of intratesticular androgens and FSH in the control of human spermatogenesis. Such work will be applicable to the goal of developing uniformly effective male contraception.

    I will try to educate the doctor with that and Crisler's paper.

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