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    Low Testosteron 5 months post cycle of Deca + Test e cycle

    Hello guys

    In Jun 7 - Aug 30 I did a 10 weeks 500mg testosterone enanthate + 250 mg Deca -Durabolin - nandrolone decanoate - cycle

    I did 4 weeks nolvadex 30mg + 1500 UI Pregnyl ( only once )

    I was stupid enough to not do my bloodwork before.

    I did it now but my total test is really low. Normal range but very low.

    Estrogen is really really low ( below scanner range ) not necessary a bad thing but I understand it's got to do with bone density so that is bad.

    lh - leutenizing hormone - and SBGH seem normal so I seem do have not f***ED that ..

    Now, I had really kind of no saturated fats in my diet ( except 3 eggs daily ) . I'm going to add more yogurt + cheese in my diet ( I don't really like pork / beef )

    Height: 6 foot / 183cm . Weight: 200 pounds / 91kg

    Going 4 times a week gym and haven't really made progress since the cycle.. mostly sta the same

    Bloodwork here:



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    First thing I would do is remove my name from the PDF files.

    Check out the Finding a Physician sticky for a list of tests we like to see. Post the results and ranges.

    How old are you? If you're young, it might be worth looking into a proper PCT.

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    Thanks for the advice

    I am 24 years old

    I see that some guys redo the PCT with Clomid .. Is that what I should do ?

    New links:
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