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    Subcutaneous Injections?

    I have seen several threads that recommend SubQ injections of testosterone . I have been out of the loop for a while but that used to be considered a no no from my understanding? One of the concerns was an increased risk of abscess or sterile abscess and inconsistent absorption rates. I have viewed some of the studies which propose it may be an effective and safe method for administering testosterone but the studies are limited and it would seem more research is needed; not only to establish safety and absorption rate but half-life and interaction with aromatase and 5AR.

    Did I miss something or is there now enough research to justify recommending subcutaneous injections?

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    Sub Q is pretty common hat for TRT these days. Plenty of guys will speak to your question.

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    It is actually more common than IM for TRT from all I have heard. Along with running HCG administered subq too.

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    I do SQ testosterone along with hCG in the same syringe - daily - and never had a problem. I love it.
    The only negative that I know of is that some may get a lump under the skin IF injecting too fast. But that soon is absorbed readily into the body - usually overnight.

    Be you own test subject. Try it out and see how your respond. What do you have to lose as long as you follow sterile procedures?

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    dr crisler reccomends sub q, and he knows his stuff, if you start on sub q , you maintain it and get dialled in at the right dose you will never have a problem- more issues with tissue trauma IM.

    im on sub q as well and do it bi weekly- no issues yet. but felt better generally on transdermal- once dialled in im sure i will be better as i know what i inject will 100% be absorbed in comparison to transdermal.

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