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    New member seeking advice about possible Tren Dick

    Hi there,

    Been using test for a while (3 plus years straight). Recently, I used Tren Ace (thought was Tren Enth, lesson learned) for about 12weeks at about 100-125 a week. Made the bone head mistake of not checking myself and didn't use caber while I was on or came off and have had ZERO go in my dick with my girlfriend. I stopped using Tren Ace about 5 weeks ago and have progressively had worse outcomes when trying to lay pipe - to the point where Cialis Im almost certain would have no effect.

    I got blood work done and my prolactin was high, cholesterol is messed up and RBC's, HMC, etc are on the high end. Basically I've got a little bit of motor oil blood. Ive been trying to keep my test levels stable at where they were before and Ive also drop BW from 350-355 to 320-325 (currently) and plan to continue to drop. I just started using .75 of caber to front load the effects, but does anyone have any idea how long I can expect this to be messing with me? This is killing my love life.

    Haven't had an issue like this before and its super embarrassing as a 30yr old dude.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Can you post your bloodwork and detail the amout of testosterone and other compounds in mgs?

    Your post is kinda confusing.

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