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    Lightbulb TRT getting started.

    I've been really run down for years now. growing up was hard, and i wasnt raised to eat properly as a child. now that Im older and I have a good place to focus on my health, I want to really get the most out of my time and exercise. I like to run (we have good trails in my area), and i try to lift as much as possible, but i really need the extra boost. will anyone point me in the right direction? I have sort of a budget and I dont have any healthcare to speak of off hand. I've done alot of research and a basic cycle of Test E, Pregnyl and Clomid should level me out just fine. will anyone help me to get back out on my feet with this?

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    Muff what you need is solid blood work to establishment baselines. You may, in fact already be a candidate for TRT. If so it can greatly improve the quality of your life but it all starts with blood work. There's an example in the Finding A Doc sticky threat at the top of this forum. Even if you do choose to cycle blood work is always step one.

    If you just run a cycle then sure you'll feel good (if done correctly) but when done you'll simply revert back to how you felt before. In other words you'll be throwing your money out the window.

    To give you an idea of what I mean visit the AAS Q & A Forum and read the "Successful First Cyele" sticky thread at the top of the forum.
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