Hi guys,

Am 40 and been on TRT for just over a yr now and have fine tuned everything beautifully on my own Had high estrogen levels and bloated like a puffer fish for months after starting trt so DR gave me arimidex but even a 1/4 tablet 2x a wk made me feel crap so I researched and now do e2d injections of 0.1ml test enthanate which over the course of the week gives me very close to 100mg test a week. Before I was on 50mg x2 a week and my estrogen was 174 five months ago ( upper range in Australia is 150 ) I am now at 135 simply by having every other day injections ..everything else is in check hormonally and haemocratit wise and my testosterone is 26.1 ( range is 6-28 here )

I have been training for 20 yrs and have always had a good build and strength and have packed on 20kgs naturally but needed to go on trt after a vasectomy 2 yrs ago that brought my T levels crashing to 10 ! and never recovering ( apparently some men get an auto immune response and the body attacks the testes as mine began to atrophy a few months post surgery sadly )

Now for my question ......last Wed 3 days ago I decided to take a little more test to see how I would feel and to take my training and physique to the next level ...I planned to go to 150mg test enthanate a week from the 100mg I have been on for a yr now so I drew up 0.15mls that over my 3 weekly shots would give me the new dose. At first I felt great and squatted 180kgs for 6 reps and benched 140kgs for 5 reps as I wanted to train lower and upper body for something new ( I'm 85kgs btw ) came home happy then as the hours went on I started to sweat like crazy and feel hot then 24 hours later and up until today I have had anxiety and such a tight chest I thought Id end up in ER but used Valium to help me though it at a minimal dose every 8 hrs but still felt bad as wasn't taking a lot to completely remove the symptoms as I don't like taking benzos anyway ( worst few days of my life ! ) Now I have finally figured out the obvious today that the slight increase in test on Wed set this off but I am not quite sure what I can do to run the 150mg dose for a 10 wk cycle then return to the 100mgs ? Was it a spike in E2 that made me sweat and have raging chest crushing anxiety for 4 days and had I used a sml amount of aromisin I could have avoided this hellish experience ? Should I just give up trying to use the 50mgs a wk more and accept what I can do at 100 mgs ?

Btw I plan to miss tomorrow's dose in order to get my levels back to normal asap and resume with my trusted and tried 0.1ml on Tuesday and hope its all been levelled out and back to where I was physically and mentally before this little experiment .

Sorry for the length of the post but I didn't want to miss anything ..all input much appreciated