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Thread: Concerned Newbie here

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    Concerned Newbie here

    Hey there, First I have to say I have learned a lot from everybody here by reading old posts so thank you for all you bring to this site/forum.

    Just a little background info before my question..

    I'm a pretty healthy 36 year old, wife,2 kids ..a little overweight..198 lbs 5'11" high. in my last blood work my T level was ridiculously low (179) I was shocked cause I have never had any issues with performance and my libido has always been pretty high...anyways

    This is the first time they ever test my T levels( or so I found out after searching for my complete history of bloodwork..that is not extensive by the way)

    my doctor prescribed me with Testosterone enanthate 200 mg/ml. 1 ml per week, HCG . 10,000 0.5 ml daily and Anastrazole 1mg tablets.

    I have been reading a lot because I'm new to all this and up until now I had never heard of most of these terms and I'm still confused about a few things, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    the pharmacy we always use gave me the Anastrazole and T but did not have the syringes or needles (and still don't after 3 days), I got the HCG from another pharmacy my dr recommended (cheaper) which I got pre mixed and with insulin needles.

    my question: can I start on HCG before starting on T? are there any drawbacks to doing this? and then just start the T whenever I get the syringes and needles?

    also, what do you guys think of this program? , I just started with this dr. and I'm not sure she's all "there" lol..she gave me a next appt in 3 months.

    I appreciate any advice.

    thanks in advance

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    Your in the wrong section #1,, #2, it doesnt make sense what your saying. Drs usually pin you for a,small fee or send u with pins, at least my friend who had trt had it that way. I dont think 1cc test e needs hcg . Tbh. But ive never dont 1cc a week. Im not sure what uour gettin at with your question. If your dr doesnt know, get a new dr. U shouldnt need hcg prior to a t shot. If thsts your accurate size,etc. And your only doing 1cc weekly. U probably wont need hcg for a few weeks after starting. Reaearch measuring your hcg shots amount before starting. I dont believe a dr wouldnt be informing u on all this. Just read up before starting

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    Cappie, this has been moved to the TRT forum to get you more responses. .
    Your Dr. started you an upper end dosage. Highly unlikely you will need 1 mg. of anastrozole/week, and most guys inject 250 iu of HCG 2x/week. The volume of your HCG injection will depend on how much diluent you reconstitute the HCG.
    Do some reading in here and you will see tbat most prefer to inject enanthate or cypionate 2x/ week with injection amount being anywhere from 50mg to 66 mg (.25 cc to .3cc).
    However it will take several sets of labs and some time to get "dialed in" on your dosage.

    Do some reading in here:

    Also, there are lots of knowledgeable guys in here that can help you. Your Dr. has provided you with the items you need, but it sounds as if she hasn't given you any direction nor discussed your treatment plan. If you stay with her, you will need to educate yourself so you can safely manage and optimize your TRT. However, don't let it overwhelm you, it is something you can do. Unfortunately, many guys have to go this route since it can be difficult to locate a knowledgeable physician.

    Edit: Was getting ready for work earlier and didn't have time to post this, but has your Dr. determined the reason for your low T or did she just see that your serum T was low and wrote your scripts? Perhaps your T is low and there is a cause for it that can be addressed.
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    What he was prescribed by this dr. Is very common for them to give patients hcg ...why? I don't know but that's what they do. The needles should have came with th package u paid for though.

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    If you have no symptoms of low T, I don't understand why you would want to start a lifelong medication. I don't see Free T posted. Just because you Total T was low, it doesn't mean your Free T will also be low, and it Free T that matters. You could simply have low SHBG levels and don't need a high of a Total T level as the average guy for which those silly lab ranges were developed.

    I'm suspicious that your doc is not very experienced with TRT, 200 mg per week is a about double what the starting dose should be. I always recommend starting at about 100 mg and see what the labs say in 4 to 6 weeks. It takes that long for your new hormone levels to stabilize.

    I also would not start out with anastrozole without labs that say you need it. Anastrozole is way too often overused by guys paranoid of gynecomastia because their nipples suddenly become reactive to sensations, which is perfectly normal and healthy. The abuse of anastrozole is a hand me down from uninformed bodybuilders that use ridiculously high levels of T and stack with other steroids and don't understand how these drugs interact. If you crash your E too low with anastrozole, you get the similar symptoms as low T and in particular a bad case of ED. Guys need normal levels of E for erections.

    I would not start HCG with out T, there is no need to waste the drug and you could mess up endogenous hormones.
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    Like most said a little more Lab work would be helpful.

    Both are reliable companies. You order a blood test from them, print it off and then take it to a local lab to get blood taken. If you sign up for the newsletter for both they will send you a discount code.

    Probably should look into getting: Free Testosterone , Estradiol - Sensistive, SHBG labs done and post results in this thread.

    I agree with those above 200mg/ml a week is on the very Highest end of TRT dosing.

    I would wait on dosing the HCG until you have the Testosterone ready.

    As far as Anastrazole goes, most people only take .25mg 2 x a week. You'll need a pill cutter and cut the 1mg pills into 1/4's.

    There are a bunch of places online that you can get syringes for pretty cheap. I've heard of people getting them at the local Walmart pharmacy for not very much money.

    If it were me I would wait on doing TRT and get the above blood tests done first. You'll refer back to your blood work quite often to see how your numbers are doing.

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