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Thread: Starting TRT Dosage Prescribed What do you think

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    Starting TRT Dosage Prescribed What do you think

    I am a 56 year old male just pulled the trigger and signed up with one of the online TRT proviers and just recieved my perscription package.
    The dosages are:
    Testosterone Cypionate 210 MG Perscribed to inject .68ml intermuscular every 7 days. I have not read much about the 210 MG on the forum so I am a liitle confused with the coumpound.
    Anastrazole .5mg Capsule 1 every 7 days
    HCG .5ml subcutaneously 2 x a week
    I have not had really any cutomer support so I am reaching out to the forum before I start to see if this looks like a good place to start with my treatment.

    My blood test where: 313 ng/dl for Testosterone

    7.7 pg/ml for Free Testoterone

    Estradiol 24.8 pg/ml

    Any help as to how I should schedule my cycle? What days should I do the T ? What days do I do the Anastrazole and HCG?

    I wish I had a inperson DR but from reading this forum that seems a hard thing to find except if you want to spend a lot of $$$ which I cannnot.

    Thanks for all the help I am in San Diego.
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    Hello Landrover,

    I'm not sure about your money or situation but in San Diego, I would bet money you could find a good Doc that doesn't cost you a ton.

    As far as your numbers and age they do warrant being on Test but I cant believe your doc gave you no protocol. When are your next labs set up for?

    I'm torn between helping with your stuff and telling you to find a local Doc and do some research.
    The reason why I say this is because how do you even know if you will need an Anti Estrogen without a doc monitoring you. You might not have that much conversion and take an Anti-E might crash your Estrogen levels with is very bad.

    I urge you to please go find a local general practitioner. If I were you I would start calling and asking local GP's in your area if they are familiar with HRT before making an appointment. Once you find one Please make the appointment and get a local Doc to help you.

    If you still have questions either myself or other vets will be willing to help you I'm sure but without knowing that you are going to keep your bloodwork checked regularly I'm wary of helping. I'm afraid I might do more harm than good.

    Take care buddy, Please do your self a favor and find a local Doc
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    Great advice from Mr. Tick above. Listen to it. Also take a minute and read the Finding A Doc sticky at the top of this forum.

    210 mg per ml testosterone ? Is this compounded from the clinic writing it?

    Some advice if you start with these products. Start with 50mgs x 2 per week. For example Monday morning and Thursday evening but time really isn't that significant. It is always better to start low, check bloods in about 6 weeks and then titrate if needed. Way to often docs start to high and then have to add ancillaries (adex) or dose down. Docs don't do that with other meds and I don't have a clue why they do it with hormones. The twice per week protocol will keep your levels far more stable as opposed to a roller coaster effect from once per week dosing. Look at the below graph for a visual example of what occurs to your test level on a once per week protocol:

    The protocol of once per week dosing can work for some but it's simply more effective and efficient to go twice per week. You can get by with less test and it will help mitigate the need for adex. You can even inject small amounts subquetaneously with an insulin pin anywhere you can pinch some fat. It's just as effective as IM injections.

    For HCG just inject twice per week on the same day you do your test. If you end up following the docs advice and injecting test once per week then you'd want to inject your HCG both two and one day before your testosterone injection. The purpose here is to bump up your test level which is waning by the end of the week like the graph shows.

    All that said, listen to Mr. Tick and try to find a doc who's up on hormones. Title doesn't really matter, they just need to understand hormones.
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    My recommendations are similar to the above but with my own personal preferences.

    1) Yes, find a local doc if you can.

    2) Get familiar with and order your own tests as needed (especially E2)

    3) 210 mg per week is an odd dose. I have the same question as Kel; what's in it? It is pure T-cyp or some secret blend. I suspect it's a blend. One easy way to tell of there is T-Prop is injection site soreness a day or two after. You will not get much of this with T-cyp or T-eth (the most common esters), but you will with T-Prop (a fast-aciting ester).

    4) Regardless of the T-ester, 210 mg is way too high for a starting dose. I strongly suggest starting at about 100 mg per week and then adjusting (up or down) at 4 to 6 weeks as labs dictate.

    5) I also strongly suggest breaking your injections up into smaller doses. At a minimum, twice per week. I'm partial to the every 3 day protocol (E3D). That way you don't have to time your testing around any particular interval in the injection cycle (you need to be consistent if you do 2X weekly).

    6) By breaking the dose up into smaller and more frequent dosing, you can get rid of the harpoons and go with a 25G or 28G (my favorite) insulin syringe. It's MUCH MUCH less painful (you hardly feel it).

    7) I would not jump into anastrozole from the get go. You should run E2 labs at about 4 to 6 weeks to see if you need it. I also suspect that 1 mg weekly is way too much. If you crash you E2, you will end up with a bad case of ED and have symptoms similar to low T. I strongly suggest the "Vodka" method. Basically, dissolve the 1 mg tablet into about 1.5 mL of vodka and dispense 4 to 5 drops per day. This will dose you at about 0.4 to 0.5 mg per week, which is where I find the sweet spot with my 50 mg E3D protocol (about 120 mg per week).

    Good Luck!

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