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Thread: What TRT experts think about cruise

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    Question What TRT experts think about cruise

    Just curious to know, what you guys (TRT experts) think about cruising.

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    I'm not a TRT expert .. but I will say a couple things.

    the word "TRT" is sometimes thrown around way to loosely in bodybuilding/AAS circles . sometimes things are inter mixed from TRT to AAS use that really shouldn't be mixed. "real" TRT is a treatment for an actual medical condition. some guy that just happens to run low dose test most the year because he doesn't want to come off gear is NOT on real TRT.
    also , TRT is generally meant to replace NORMAL levels of Testosterone , not necessarily supra physiological (this is also why I explain to guys that just getting on TRT is not going to build supra physiological muscle mass either .. test does not work that way. more naturally high test levels do not necessarily equate to more ability to put on muscle).

    having said all that .. I'm generally a big advocate for "cruising" and staying on most of the year (for anyone serious about their physique) . I think running a few cycles per year and doing a PCT after each and every cycle is not only sub optimal, but not necessarily even the healthiest option.

    if you want to keep natty production going, perhaps cruising for part of the year, and then doing only 1 PCT per year is a better option (again, for guys serious about bodybuilding).. so blast, cruise, blast, cruise, blast , then clean out and PCT once per year.
    or simply commit to the fact that you may be on TRT for life from staying on
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    Most people think they can marry the needle and cruise but don't think long term.

    What happens if you want to build a family in 5 years? Do you have a fertility protocol planned?

    What happens if you meet someone who you have to hide gear use from ?

    What happens if you get a job that requires travelling the world? Do you have a plan for that in mind?

    Can you afford to cruise? What happens if you have financial problems ? Do you have a contingency plan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dgs59 View Post
    Just curious to know, what you guys (TRT experts) think about cruising.
    Not much more to add other than to add that it's a lifestyle choice. Just echoing Gearhead's comment that TRT and "Blast & Cruise" should not be confused with TRT and to call it what it is. Often we get confused newbies to TRT reading of the very high doses guys are using an B&C protocols and then question the advice we are giving for true (medically necessary) TRT. We need to separate the two because the advice we give is very different.

    Actually, I don't offer advice for non-medically necessary use of testosterone or anabolic steroids . I usually just don't respond when I figure out that is what the posters are talking about. It's not judgement on my part, it's just that my advice is usually not what they want to hear and/or counterproductive to the protocols they are following. Handling side-effects on anabolic steroid cycles and/or B&C is very different than true medically-necessary TRT. Usually TRT protocols are built around minimization of side-effects rather than dealing with them.
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    I think the terms cruise and trt are going to differ from person to person. To me:
    80 <= TrT < 201
    201 <= cruise < 500
    500 <= blast
    But if you're huge and need 500+ just to maintain your size, then that's a cruise for you where it's a proper cycle for someone else.
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    Thank you guys for replies, I understand the reason why someone would like to cruise whole year, I usually go 3 months on + PCT and 4 months off (sometimes 6) I felt that I am straining my body system too much on top I am not big HCG fan so I don't use it while on cycle and let the guys rest unfortunately to wake them up in a few months time @Gearhead

    On the other hand it can difficult as @Windex said, a change in circumstances can mess this up big time. @youthfull55guy put it well that it's the lifestyle choices we make. This is what fascinated me to ask you guys this question that TRT is pure treatment of a medical condition where cruising is completely different from TRT however it is closet you get to TRT + dealing with sides but actually not needing any testosterone replacement . That answers everything.

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